What is Translucent?

Translucent is a consulting business established in 2001 to provide I.T. consulting services to small businesses.

The focus of the consulting business is to provide sales. implementation and support for the accounting system, Jiwa Financials (www.jiwa.com.au) and products associated with Jiwa including Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server., as well as security products which protect your financial information such as Sophos UTM and Webroot Anti Virus.

Translucent has also established partnerships with other providers to ensure that your financial information is secure and able to be accessed from anywhere.  As such we have established partnerships with:

Melbourne Hosting Services for your business Private Cloud solution (www.melbournehost.com.au)

Premier Network Support Management for the management of your I.T. infrastructure (www.pnsm.com.au)

Webroot for Anti Virus protection (www.webroot.com)

Sophos for the UTM network protection (Firewall) products (www.sophos.com)

Exetel for access to the internet (www.exetel.com.au)


What are some of our points of difference?

With our partner Melbourne Hosting Services we have developed the ability to implement and support two types of Jiwa Financials installations:

  • Jiwa Financials - On Premises
  • Jiwa Financials - Private Cloud

Although we have great relationships with our partners who we have a terrific track record in being able to work with any existing provider our client may already have established relationships with.

We work exclusively with Small Businesses.  We understand the unique pressures that comes with the running of small business.


Why would you want to engage a Translucent consultant to assist you with your I.T. needs?

Translucent invests heavily in keeping abreast of the constant advances in the IT industry to ensure that we always deliver the most up to date advice to our customers. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the needs of our customers and we pride ourselves on building strong, ongoing relationships.

Translucent makes the perfect partnership for your business by offering flexible, adaptable, innovative business software solutions installed, set up and maintained by industry leading professionals. 


If you want more information, please call us at 1300 84 1000 or send an e-mail using the form below.



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New Jiwa Version 7 will soon be here.

We have got our hands on a pre release version of Jiwa 7 and the product looks and feels great.

Although this latest version is a major release with much of the code rewritten in the latest .NET programming language.  The look, feel and most importantly functionality of the product is not far away from the current version that we all know.

Hopefully we can soon provide more information as to when this product will be released to the end users.

We shall post more information on the website when it becomes available.